Learning Objectives

Objective 1:

To function as a valuable part of a multi focused team in order to make the team more successful


  1. Be a part of projects that involve working with others
  2. Manage priorities from different projects
  3. Provide technical thought leadership to graphic artists/clients (discuss options to make something better rather than just being ok with simple requirements)
  4. Read articles on team communication and its impact on overall success of a team


  1. Recommendation
  2. Journaling/Reflective Commentary
  3. Write a paper on team communication and its impact on overall success of a team

Objective 2:

To learn more about web design (user interface, user interaction, ease of use, etc.)


  1. Explore/analyze 3 other web sites (other than the one I am working with)
  2. Design and build pages
  3. Interview graphic artist about user interfaces and how users will interact with a site
  4. Learn new technologies and environments with limited interpersonal support


  1. Print screenshots of other sites with notes explaining positives and negatives of web sites
  2. Print screenshots of pages I helped design/build
  3. Type up a summary of interview with graphic artist
  4. Journaling/Reflective Commentary

Mark Johnson
Computer & Information Science

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