Objective 2:

To learn more about web design (user interface, user interaction, ease of use, etc.)

Automated Project Office

Here is a screenshot of the old APO site.

Here is a screenshot of the CAIBuzz site I developed.

Analyze Other Sites:

I examined and analyzed three different websites.  I used screenshots of these sites with notes to explain positives and negatives of each site.



Galorath.pdf Galorath.pdf
Size : 597.361 Kb
Type : pdf



Gantthead.pdf Gantthead.pdf
Size : 997.228 Kb
Type : pdf



Develisys.pdf Develisys.pdf
Size : 425.381 Kb
Type : pdf

Interview with Graphic Artist:

I interviewed a graphic artist at CAI.  We discussed his experience, what he is doing now, and things to keep in mind when designing and building websites (good and bad).  This is a summary of our conversation.

Interview with Graphic Artist.pdf Interview with Graphic Artist.pdf
Size : 143.39 Kb
Type : pdf

New Technologies Summary:

In this summary, I reflect on some of the things I learned while building and designing the CAIBuzz site.  I gained experience in using templates and did some work with JavaScript.  Most of the things I learned, I had little help from others, so it was challenging, but a learning experience.

New Technologies.pdf New Technologies.pdf
Size : 150.068 Kb
Type : pdf

Mark Johnson
Computer & Information Science

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